Hi, nice to meet you!

I am Pietro Cavaleri and in these pages I present a special project to which I am particularly fond of and to which I have dedicated several hours of work for 6 years now!

Given the particularity of Formula PWIN, before telling you anything else about my life, I particularly want to make it clear immediately .........

.... Who are not!

  • I AM NOT an "opportunity hunter"

I never went behind the fashions or opportunities of the moment. Formula PWIN is my first job project that differs from the one that for more than 11 years has been my one and only activity (which is that of real estate agent).

  • I AM NOT a Guru of "easy earning"

Money and success, for me, have always been synonymous with work and sacrifice. Formula PWIN is a method born from the study of an immense quantity of STATISTICAL DATA on the results of the matches of different football leagues. In particular, the percentage data referring to the number of games ended in DRAW and the frequency of this result for each individual team were analyzed. The method has been tested and perfected in about 4 years (and at least 5,000 hours) of study and analysis!

  • I AM NOT a lover of lotteries or gambling games

I don't believe in lotteries or events that can change your life from today to tomorrow. I have never played lotto or superenalotto; I don't care "scratch and win" and I don't think I can win my dreams by entering a casino or a bingo hall!

I could still continue in this particular list of "WHO ARE NOT" because actually there are NOT many other things, but in reality this is the page of "WHO I AM" for which ........

...Here I am!

I am 48 years old, I was born and raised in Sicily but I have been living and working in Abruzzo for 16 years. I have a degree in architecture and for more than 11 years I worked as a real estate agent.

To be brief, I'll show you 3 images that represent me quite well:

What can I do for you

In September 2012 from a simple intuition, I started building my own Method on a STATISTICAL basis, to make profits with online betting. Thus Formula PWIN was born.

FORMULA PWIN is a process consisting of a process of operations (sports betting) to be carried out step by step with METHOD and DISCIPLINE that can lead you to achieve an ambitious result: obtaining a final net profit equal to 50% of the capital you intend to invest, in a few months and with a commitment of not even 10 minutes a week.

The Method is the result of years of study and analysis of an immense quantity of statistical data on DRAWINGS and on GOAL NO GOAL, of the major European football championships.

All the data obtained from this study, and the very important rules that derive from it, are stored in our mathematical algorithm that processes them constantly, automatically updating all the results of the games that are played weekly in the various leagues followed by the program.

From this statistical and scientific process the games on which we weekly place bets to reach our economic goal come out.

FORMULA PWIN is the ideal method for you if you are looking for new revenue opportunities and want:

  • create a new automatic entry;
  • find alternative opportunities to traditional revenue channels;
  • give yourself more opportunities for relaxation and recreation.

If you have any doubts or want clarifications on Formula PWIN, don't hesitate to contact me! I will try to answer you as quickly as possible!

You can also find me easily via my Facebook profile. 😉

Hello and see you soon!